Fiction or Real Life?

And man… I guess stereotypes exist for a reason. I’ve been kind of following a scandal in Florida about the young, handsome priest who was seen on a beach in the arms of a woman. Apparently he’s been thinking of leaving the priesthood for a year and is in love with her. Grr. I get so irked with the notion in fiction that all priests are miserable and regretting their promises of celibacy and then end up having affairs and leaving the priesthood for women. I almost threw out a book I was reading (it wasn’t The Thorn Birds) because it had that rather cliched by now plot, annoyed that the author couldn’t write a contented priest in real life.

Then… it happens in real life.

I am not going to rewrite my character to reflect things that happen in real life. Besides, there’s way too much other stuff happening in the story that there is no reason for him to be the cause of a family scandal.

Somewhat relatedly, it’s funny the music that comes up sometimes when I write my posts. Before the current music playing, “Oye Isabel” by the Iguanas was playing, which made me think of how Isabel might react if her brother suddenly said he was leaving the priesthood. Not that she likes having a brother for a priest, but she would be devastated if he left. Suddenly I got this visual of my character, Isabel, casting the evil eye at every attractive woman who looks at her brother the priest in less than chaste ways. I tell you life in my own head is much more interesting than real life. Or maybe i need to get out more and have a real life, considering my next story idea has vampires.

In other news, we’re taking my mom to Outback for dinner. Her choice. I’m not a big fan of it but it’s probably an easy enough place to get into if we go early. The cell phone hasn’t rung at all today. I guess that’s a good thing, though it would be nice if someone would call to want to see property. I still need to make a living.

And as I end this post, “The Other Side” by David Gray is playing.

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