Why This Blog?

I’m a writer who has finally realized that while the writing process is a mostly solitary endeavor, however, the objective in writing a story is sharing it with, hopefully, the world, but at least someone. At the moment I have three big novels in various states of progress and while I wouldn’t say I’m stuck, I’m at a point where I need feedback. This blog exists primarily as a place where I can post sections/chapters/fragments of the stories for feedback, comments and suggestions. It’s a big step for me as I’ve kept my original fiction private for so very long. As self-deprecating as I am, I’m having serious doubts about posting my original work. Therefore, I’m going to be incredibly picky about who has access to this site and gets to read my work… I mean, it’s my work, I think I have a right to be choosy. And that’s just how it is.

In a nutshell, that’s why this blog exists.

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