Works In Progress… Under the Milky Way

This story, which the working title is “Under the Milky Way” started as a way for me to work through a broken heart. I was going to write a fluffy, light, comedic story about a woman, named Isabel, in her early 30’s who dumps her fiance because she wakes up one day and realizes she doesn’t love him. He’s a nice guy, she’s known him all her life and thinks that marriage will be good, but she just can’t get excited about her wedding, the thought of having a family with him terrifies her and nothing that should make her happy, does. (See, typical chick lit fare, right?), till the angst came in and set me on a whole new path.

In the initial telling of the story, Andrew, her brother, was four years younger and it was working out just fine, till I realized there was just so much more to work with if he was her twin. As a character he really grew on me and I liked what I was writing and so he needed more depth and a bigger part of the story. It also explained the tension that came up early in the story. If he was just her baby brother, then she shouldn’t have had the kind of issues she had about him becoming a priest. If they were twins, then they would grow up together, do just about everything together, sports, friends, college etc, so, then the reason for her issues made a bit more sense to me. She felt like he was abandoning her for something she couldn’t comprehend. This will be revisited in the future, only Andrew will feel left out and abandoned.

So…there it is…  I had to create some tension and angst.

After Isabel breaks up with her fiance, she meets a nice guy, who happens to have an accent. This was the part that was inspired by real life and what was supposed to be the reason for the story. However, now, I just really can’t get it right. While I need her to meet someone, have feelings for the guy and spend time with him, it can’t be dramatic or life shattering when it ends. That’s why I’m shaky with this part. Does he even need to exist?

So that was the initial reason for the story, but it took on a life of its own. Not sure how much to post about all the characters yet. It’s set in Santa Fe for the most part. My characters reflect a lot of me– background, family, religion, education and culture. But their personalities and experiences are a lot different from me. I think I know just almost everything about them, though at times they surprise me. (How much detail and biographical info do you want to know… that’s the next question?)

One of my many concerns about my story is that will it be accessible to a general audience. Am I writing to a niche? I know people who live here or share my background will understand a lot of it. It’s also got a whole lot more “catholic” themes than anything else I’ve ever written. Most of my characters, by nature of their backgrounds are Catholic, but not always. My first story is a good example of a pretty diverse cast of characters, yet, the main character reflects my background, culture and religion. This one, well,  it’s a whole new experience and I’m just not sure of what I have.

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