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Characters Visualized

How often as writers do we wonder just what our characters look like? They probably are clear as day in our mind as we create them, and often as we describe them the begin to take shape in our mind’s … Continue reading

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He Won’t Shut Up

Andrew is talking away like a little kid. So, I have an idea for a couple of scenes to write. One that I’ve mentioned in Isabel’s story, but I thought I could write it in Andrew’s story. But it will … Continue reading

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Try Walking in My Shoes…

Depeche Mode is definitely on the soundtrack to this story. But this post isn’t about music. It’s about trying to walk in the shoes of someone else.  In all the years I’ve been writing stories, whether seriously or just playing … Continue reading

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Reading… Writing… Thoughts…

Oh so bored. Ever so bored. Someone entertain me. Maybe I’ll read. I just finished reading this book, The Gifted Gabaldon Sisters. Eh… it was ok. I picked it up because it sounded interesting and am curious to see how … Continue reading

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I just opened up my first novel. I do like it. I think I’ll print it up and give it to someone to read. The main character is Lena, short for Magdalena. She’s a bit cocky, independent, somewhat insecure and … Continue reading

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