It’s a New Year, a New Start and a New Promise

So, seems like my writing friends are writing again and I feel like I’m a poser because I say I’m a writer but haven’t written much in a long, long time. I can’t work on one story because it’s hitting too close home and I’m not ready to dig deep into that part of myself to write it. However, I said yesterday I am going to start writing again so I need to find a way to do that. I stayed up past midnight reading, editing and paring my first novel down. I’ll probably finish doing that, locate a few experts to answer some medical questions, and have someone new read it. My mom read it a long time ago and liked it. Moms are biased so it will be nice to get feedback again. It’s time I finish something. It’s time I start moving again– physically and mentally. It’s really no fun being Stuck in Limbo.

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