Isabel Sofia Katerina Sena.

Born May 30, 1968 in Santa Fe, NM

She’s tall, 5’9”, athletic and strong. She works out at the gym and runs every day. She’s not skinny nor does she have a boyish figure, but she’s not overly curvy or round either. Her legs are long and athletic. They’re not chunky. Her shoulders are sexy and strong. She has a nice collar bone but a short torso and a short neck. She has nice breasts but nothing to marvel over. But most of all she’s comfortable in her own skin.

She has naturally dark (caramel) blonde hair. Her eyes are grayish blue. She’s told that she gets her eyes from her grandfather, who had blue eyes. Her hair has always been long. It’s thick and wavy and she normally wears it straight.

She’s allergic to everything, probably including her dogs, but she won’t get rid of them. She’s had asthma since she was about 10. When she was little she had pneumonia three or four times was hospitalized for it twice. Her asthma pretty much tapered off as she was a teen and then as a young woman it came back strong, and worse than it had been growing up. When she was about 30, she had a major attack that sent her to the hospital for 3 days. Since then, she takes preventive meds every day to try to keep it under control. There are times when she thinks she’s fine and she tapers down on her meds, then she wheezes and needs her rescue inhaler. It happens a couple of times in the story.

Her diet is probably not the best. She loves junk food, dark chocolate, red wine, fats like butter and cheese. She does watch what she eats and prefers Salmon and Chicken over pork and beef. She loves pasta and New Mexican food. She chooses to eat healthy most times. Because she exercises she lets herself indulge in real Cokes, Hagan Daaz and Starbucks. She prefers red wines over whites but a Shiraz always knocks her out. She’ll have a nice red zin or a pinot grigio most times. She loves green tea, Chai and probably drinks too much coffee, most of the time she takes it black, but sometimes with a bit of cream and once in awhile a bit of melted chocolate at the bottom.

She likes John Hughes movies, Foreign films, (Mexican/Italian/Spanish and French). She usually gets British humor. She’s good at trivia games but always loses when her brother plays.

She’s an attorney who works at her family firm. She practices real estate/trusts/estate planning/family law. She does volunteer work at legal aid and takes a few pro-bono work on behalf of women who need legal help.

She owns a home, has two big dogs. She likes to garden, read and wishes she could find the time to try to write fabulous stories, but she’s full of self-doubt.

In her family she has always felt like the odd-one out. She doesn’t like being blonde. Growing up she was teased constantly, at school her classmates called huera, which means blonde, but not in such a nice way. So, since she was about 15 she always darkened her hair, much to the dismay of her mother. When she was about 14, just before school started she bought a box of hair color, probably black, dyed her hair and upset her mother, who had to take her to her hairdresser to have it fixed. But from that moment on, she had dark hair. Now she usually dyes it red, but she will let it go back to its natural color in the story and leave it that way.

Despite feeling insecure about herself, she’s fluent in Spanish. Anytime someone accuses her of not being “Hispanic” enough, she launches out in a Spanish tirade and usually the person making the accusation doesn’t understand her because he/she doesn’t speak Spanish.

She collects heart-shaped rocks, her favorite scents are lavender and citrus.

She is especially close to her family. She adores and respects her father. She loves her mother and her sister is probably her best friend. But Andrew, her twin, is probably the most important person in her life. She’s not religious, which causes conflict and tension with her brother, the priest. She feels guilty for being bitchy to him about becoming a priest. She’s more upset by his being a priest because she wants to protect him, more than she thinks he’s making a mistake with his life. She knows he’s a good man and she’s let the sex-abuse scandals, church politics and her own issues color her perspective about her brother.

She believes there is a God. She even believes in a lot of what the church teaches her but she is far too liberal to accept so much of the conservative traditions and beliefs the church espouses. She doesn’t talk about her feelings much with her brother very often. She doesn’t apologize for her beliefs and is a self-described heathen for that. It’s pretty much a joke, but sometimes, she feels like her brother thinks that’s so. She won’t ask him and she rarely talks to him about religion. She’s gone to the Internet for her answers and that only makes her feel worse.

Habits: she calls Andrew at least twice a week, sometimes, from a bathroom if she’s not at home or it’s an emergency and she wants privacy. She puts him first over her parents, lovers and friends.

She picks the dry skin of her lips, pops zits, her cuticles are always red and dry.

She likes the color pink and loves pretty things. Her bedroom is more shabby chic than modern or traditional, while the rest of her house is more rustic and antique. While she’s girly and feminine, wears makeup, pretty clothes, she is also very practical and will go out of the house in ripped jeans, Birkenstock sandals with her hair in a pony tail and wearing no makeup on her face.

She plays music loudly when she’s driving. She’s been listening to Goo Goo Dolls, Cold Play, David Gray, BEP, Franz Ferdinand, various pop music, latin and Spanish music.

She takes long, long showers, sings along with her MP3 player, totally and horribly off key and out of tune.

She loves Christmas.

She dresses in tailored clothes at work from places like J-Crew, Anne Taylor, Banana Republic. She wears pencil skirts, jackets, heels with nice slacks and jeans which are usually men’s, and other low-rise pants. She wears tank tops, sweater sets, tight tee-shirts.

Isabel is moody and bossy. She’s a non-apologetic feminist. She’s outgoing but isn’t overly social. She doesn’t have a lot of friends. She’s stubborn. She’ll try lots of things but sometimes she quits when things get too difficult.

She met her best friend at a yoga class. They both couldn’t get the hang of it and couldn’t de-stress, which was the whole point of taking the class, so they ended up meeting for coffee instead. She has taken a belly dancing class for fun, but though she’s athletic, she’s pretty clumsy. She loves going to gallery openings and charity events, as long as she doesn’t have to talk shop.

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