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Working Through the Details

While doing some minor story research for my failing attempt to do this year’s NaNoWriMo story, I stumbled upon this article from a Cuban American writer who was a Shabbos Goy back in his youth for the Jewish families in … Continue reading

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Pushing 10 K.

So… this story is about my two siblings, Rachel and Josh. They’re different. I think they’re going to go on an advenure together and learn to love each other for who they are. I will probably make the 50k mark … Continue reading

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Tender is the Night

So… while I have a sort of Nano started, I’m sitting here after One AM reading part of a story told from Andrew’s point of view. I’ve totally fallen in love with his character. i find it really interesting because … Continue reading

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Today’s Update

Day 8 but really only my second day of writing. Wordcount at the moment is 5,365. I’d like to make it 10k by weekend’s end. If I can actually come up with a working plot, I might be able to, … Continue reading

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The First Wordcount

Ok… so I don’t have anything really organized. The scenes are a bit disjointed but I have 4904 words, give or take. I’m not sure I’m goin to work in the comical vampires, but you never know as I have … Continue reading

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I must admit that I pretty much am dry when it comes to writing these days. I am working through some ideas for my novel. I’m going to write about my character, Rachel. She’s not overly fleshed out, though I … Continue reading

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