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If Andrew Were Real…

Interesting. I’ve been working on trying to get back to my writing. And I still have no story planned for my character Andrew, but he’d fit perfectly into this statistics of this year’s class of new priests.

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GenerationXer Priest

This post might have been written by my character, Andrew. I thought I’d link to it and save it here. I’ll probably blog more about it later. Part one Ain’t Talking ‘Bout Love. Why This GenXer is a Priest. Part … Continue reading

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From The News

Interesting article at the BBC about Women and HIV. I must admit that I’ve stopped paying attention to the latest news and treatments regarding HIV and AIDS. It’s not like I don’t need to know this stuff, but as my … Continue reading

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Working Through the Details

While doing some minor story research for my failing attempt to do this year’s NaNoWriMo story, I stumbled upon this article from a Cuban American writer who was a Shabbos Goy back in his youth for the Jewish families in … Continue reading

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Interesting News about HIV

The BBC reports that a new study shows that with treatment, people with HIV receiving treatment since the late 90s are living on aveage about 13 years longer. I know that it’s becoming something that is manageable like diabetes– in … Continue reading

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