Interesting News about HIV

The BBC reports that a new study shows that with treatment, people with HIV receiving treatment since the late 90s are living on aveage about 13 years longer. I know that it’s becoming something that is manageable like diabetes– in places and nations where people have access to treatment, proper nutrition and healthy lifestyles– but certainly people are still going to die from AIDS.

Of course, why I save this link, is just because I like keeping up with this subject. In Unmarked Paths, Lena gets her HIV diagnosis in 1997– just at the time when the HIV/AIDS cocktails were coming in on the scene– and she waits a little while before she starts the meds. I am going to really need to make sure that all the medical stuff I’ve written is correct. I will get a “medical” adviser when I finish my final draft of the story. I want it to all make sense.

So based on this article, she would fit into this group of people. However, since she’s not going to die in my story, it doesn’t really impact the story, yet the news is interesting enough to note. I have an idea how her particular universe ends and I expect her to have a long, reasonably healthy life.
Sure she’ll have ups and downs, good days and bad days, she’ll get sick every now and then. A little cold to someone with a healthy immune system is nothing, but to her, it will be a big deal. She has all sorts of worries, frustrations and will somehow manage to accept her life with HIV.

She’s a character, that I hope grows and changes throughout the course of the story. Anyway, I do need to get off my ass and end my stories.

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