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Day 8 but really only my second day of writing. Wordcount at the moment is 5,365. I’d like to make it 10k by weekend’s end. If I can actually come up with a working plot, I might be able to, but until then I’ll just write and see where the words take me.

So, my main character is probably the most different from anyone I’ve ever written before.  Career path– she’s going to go to medical school– I know nothing about that. *sighs* she’s way too smart. I mean really smart.  She is ambitious, independent and opinionated. Classic over achiever, yet, she’s socially awkward. She’s had only one boyfriend.

When the story starts she’s seeing an older man, a doctor who works at the practice with her father. She’s a receptionist. She took a few years off after graduating from Columbia (or some other school in NYC) till she decided and was ready for med school. Of course, the doctor was married and she didn’t know. The only bit of angst in the story I plan to have. It will however, piss her off, and she’ll end up deciding on going to med school in NM. UNM is known for its family medicine program and the med school is pretty good as a whole. Also, her mother’s family is from NM and I have to write a bit about what I know, right?  I don’t know what will happen… or much else. Hell, I said I don’t really have a plot for this story.

She has an older brother and they fight like crazy, but they’d go to the ends of the earth for each other. In my head he looks like Adrien Brody. She looks a bit like Jamie Lynn Sigler actually.

So… now I need a plot. Something to happen. A direction. I’m just fleshing out background and a few scenes in my head. Man… what am I thinking?

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  1. Debi says:

    LOL… I know what you mean. So far I have 20,000 words but the only real accomplishment is that the two MC find a way to be together. I’ve mainly been telling about how my werewolves work, by her explaining the concept to him and showing what happens in some situations. Oh, and a sex scene. It had to be written. I don’t know if I’ll ever include any of these scenes if I try to publish anything in the future, but the characters demand it.

  2. maria says:

    Hey! I haven’t been around here in a while. I’m really and truly intrigued by your story idea.
    My story is starting to form a bit more. My characters are going to decide at a family wedding that they’re going to try to travel together for a year. She has a few crappy things happen and she’s not ready to start med school and someone suggests she travel for a year. Well, she’s a home body and is scared to do it by herself. Someone will crack a joke and suggest her brother go with her. He loves to travel and has been in Europe many times. He is thinking of taking a year off from grad school or probably between getting his masters and starting his PhD. Anyway, they’ll laugh it off. They hate each other (of course, really do love each other as their siblings but are so different and they fight) and can’t imagine traveling together.

    I think I can recycle an idea I used in another novel– these two siblings are related to all my other characters– and I wrote about a trip they all took as a family in another story. It’s just sort of a scene with no place to go.

    We’ll see.

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