Yay… i just finished writing a whole 462 words. Albeit, these are new words to a totally new and different story. Same universe but different characters. In the story so far, I have about 4000 words. I think this story’s soundtrack has Green Day on it.

I’ve decided to attempt a semi-autobiographical story. I’m going to tell it through Angela, one of my universe characters. It’s all very rough and I’m not really focused on the story yet. I am going to try to work through a lot of what has happened to me in the last few years and see if I can manage to channel all the thoughts running through my head again into my fiction. The love interest is going to be a new character named Nick. In my Isabel stories, she’s involved with someone named Ryan, but he just doesn’t make it into her future. The background of Ryan just won’t work for how I see Nick and who he is to Angela. As I said, it’s a bit autobiographical so he needs to be a bit more like my muse, DH. I’ve never written a story with him as the muse, so I’m not sure how it’s going to come out. Where do I draw the line between what is private and what is not? What makes for a good story? What is too personal to write about? I can pretty much fictionalize my own life story without feeling violated but what about another person’s contributions to it? How do I protect my “muse” and still tell the story?

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