Andrew Michael Francis Sena

Born May 30, 1968 in Santa Fe, NM.

Born 10 minutes after Isabel. Strong, athletic. Dark Blonde/Light Brown hair. Hazel eyes. 6’2”. He’s fair, with golden undertones like his mother. He tans well.

He’s a compassionate, patient man. He’s curious, smart and loyal. He adores Isabel and would do anything for her, despite how much they fight. He’s strong willed, confident, fearless, passionate and honorable. He can be obstinate and judgmental sometimes, but he’s also easy going and tolerant. He’s forgiving. About time, he’s incredibly impatient, always on time and hates it when people are late. He gets especially upset with Isabel, because she’s more lax about time. He wakes up before the sun comes up.

He’s spiritual and strong in his Catholic faith. He feels very sad that his sister doesn’t feel the same about her faith. He thinks she believes, but she’s distanced herself from the church so much that he doesn’t really know. It has become the big elephant in the room that no one talks about. He wonders if she’s truly lost or if she’s just being stubborn and obstinate. They really don’t talk about it much and it makes him sad that she has pulled away from something that brings him so much joy and fulfillment. Perhaps he feels that by her rejecting the church, she’s also rejecting him. Again, it’s not something that is discussed. He loves his vocation and has known since he was about 16 that he wanted to be a priest.

To Isabel’s dismay, he’s a priest. He entered the seminary at 25 (in fall 1993) and was ordained at 30 (May 1998). As angry and as upset as she was when he left for the seminary, she learns to accept it. She fears he puts being a priest ahead of being her brother. Yet, she puts him up on a pedestal anyway.

Like Isabel, he’s also athletic. He played on the high school basketball and football teams and ran track. He was the student-body president, in the drama and Spanish clubs. He was the popular kid and more social than Isabel. He had a lot of friends in high school. They work out together, usually at the gym, but sometimes they meet to go running.

As a kid, he was always getting hurt. He fell off the roof and broke an arm, he ruptured is spleen crashing on his dirt bike, he broke his leg during basketball season his junior year, the blew out his knee in college.

Normally he wears the usual black clerical clothes from day to day, otherwise he’s usually dressed casually, in jeans, tee-shirts, sweaters, khaki pants. He hates suits and ties and hasn’t worn one since he worked on the Hill in Washington.

He wears a white gold ring on his right hand ring finger. (Eventually, he’ll wear it on his left hand ring, finger, probably after ordination.) He found it one day while he and Isabel were snooping through their mother’s jewelry box. Thinking it belonged to their great grandfather, he put it on. His mother never said anything and never asked for it back.

He’s well educated. He was accepted into every university he applied to, but he went to Norte Dame with Isabel. They’d always been together and suddenly, they started doing different things and living separate lives. They lived apart for the first time in their lives and while he liked college, Isabel didn’t. That’s when things between them started to change. It was traumatic for him as well. He became involved on campus with various student activities, he was part of campus ministry, he made lots of friends and she played tennis.

His path was supposed to be the law and possibly politics like his father. His degree was Philosophy and (probably History or Sociology.)

He has a great sense of humor, tells irreverent jokes, lots of cute jokes about priests and lawyers. He likes gadgets, he blogs, loves all kinds of music, but loves old 80’s music like The Cure, Depeche Mode etc. He’s keen to pop culture. He does crosswords in ink, he reads constantly, keeps up with current events and politics, as well as religion and church history. Isabel fears that he’s become a right-wing conservative Republican now that he’s a priest but in reality he hasn’t. While he is conservative about a lot of things, he still votes Democrat but hasn’t told Isabel this.

After college graduation, he lived in DC for a year and a half (Fall 1990-Spring 1992) and worked for a NM senator. He met a girl in the office who was from Albuquerque and they fell in love. He moved to Albuquerque to be with her and planned to start law school. He lived with Isabel for a year and a half while he continued to work in the Senator’s NM office and she was in law school. He decided during that time, he wanted to enter the seminary. He started applying in the fall of ’92, broke up with his girlfriend after Christmas and left for the seminary in the fall of 1993. He was ordained 5 years later.

He’s not conflicted about his faith. He’s strong and he believes. He grew up the child of bleeding heart liberals, so his parents’ and family’s politics have influenced his own political identity. He does however, follow Church teachings regarding the big, hot-button issues, which puts him in conflict with his family from time to time, most especially Isabel and to a lesser degree his mother and sister, Angela.

From time to time, he struggles to maintain his objectivity and the reality of the world. Isabel keeps him grounded.

Like Isabel he grew up speaking both English and Spanish, learned Italian in college and knows a bit of Latin. He did missionary work in Mexico during the years he was in the seminary but has yet to go abroad, until he goes to Rome to study Canon Law.

He’s human though sometimes he feels like no one realizes it. At first, around his family he isn’t comfortable wearing the Roman collar and his usual clerical clothes, but as he moves back to Santa Fe and gets into his routine, he stops making an effort to change. He wants his family to accept that he’s a priest. It was what he wanted, despite their reservations.

He talks to Isabel a lot. He calls her almost daily. When he moves home, he doesn’t pressure her to come to Church, but he isn’t afraid to tell her the truth. Yet, despite everything, he accepts her for who she is, “sins” and all because she’s his sister and he loves her. She calls him on it.

Isabel’s older dog was actually his, but he left it with her when he entered the seminary.

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