Author’s Notes

About my fiction… well, what can I say other than stay tuned, maybe you’ll get to see it.  One thing I can say is that my working titles are influenced by music more than the story themselves. I start with a vague idea of what I want to write about and the one common thread about how I write is that I always listen to music when I write What I listen to varies. It depends on who the characters are and when the story is set. Amazingly what my characters might be listening to in a scene, just might be something I’m listening to as well.

For my first story, its working title is Unmarked Paths, which I fully and wholly admit I stole from something Christine was writing in Highlander (?) at the time. It’s been a long time since I started that story. It ‘s a line in an Indigo Girls song and fits my story.

Why I’ve given my second story the working title of Under the Milky Way is a bit beyond me, other than I was listening to the original version by the Church one night after not hearing it for a long time (It’s in the movie Donnie Darko) and it sounded like a good working title. I think it’s rather fitting now. Of course, I suspect if I finish the story, it will probably change.

A Promise Unfulfilled is the working title and may end up being the actual title of my third story, which really in my time-line is my second as it’s a prequel of sorts (but it contains spoilers for Under the Milky Way, so must be read third.)  It wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for the big plot twist in UtMW. It’s the shortest of my works in progress but I needed something to write for National Novel Writing Month in 2006. That title comes from a Goo Goo Dolls song on the band’s latest release and it just fits the plot of that whole story and universe.

I have a tentative story, the working title is called Rachel and Josh, who are a pair of siblings. Thing is, I don’t know the story yet. I’m loosely playing with them.

I have another untitled story started with my character, Andrew, but it doesn’t have a working title.

There is another story, totally unrelated to my main fiction universe. It’s largely autobiographical and may never see the light of day. However, it’s going to be tentatively titled  A Girl Named Fred.  An online friend helped me pick out a name for my character. I wanted to call her Elena, then have her called Leni, but I already have a Lena and I liked the idea of this new character having a boy’s nickname and so, Fred came to be. There is a musical with a song about a boy being in love with a girl named Fred. I’ll find the video and post the link later.

I’ve always wanted to play with the Vampire universe. I had a dream a while back and have fleshed out a story in my head and may sit down to work on it for the 2009 NANO writing challenge.


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