Will Not Sparkle

All right I already posted about my werido dream to my LJ but i thought maybe I could turn it into a story. So, after I woke up I started thinking about it and wondering just what kind of a story I could write. I pretty finished it awake.

So, it started with these two male vampires but I didn’t quite know who they were. They both, of course, were young and attractive. One was still living his first life– though he’d been turned– he was still connected to his mortal family. He was a widower raising a daughter. The mother died during childbirth, of course. If I was to turn it into an actual story, I’d have to get the historical setting right. But I figure he was out fighting infidels, or off on a Crusade or something, when on his way home he was turned.

Now, as a widower he had to find someone to help care for his daughter, so either he had a sister or a family member in a convent who was released of her vow of enclosure and came to care for the child. I think for a while he manages to make sure she is all right but never is an active part of her life. I mean how does he explain the fact that he isn’t dead, and is now not aging while she grows up?

So while I don’t know the scenario in which he was turned into a vampire, but I think he was abandoned by his sire and was later found by the vampire that I also dreamt about. Now, I don’t know exactly who he will be, but he will be older, 500 years maybe, but not ancient. Of course he’ll have a conscience and will try to be moral and just, however, I think he’ll take this new vampire under his wing and guide him.

Time will pass and they stay near the young daughter, tentatively named Carolina. The older vampire of course will fall in love with his young student’s daughter, which of course will upset the girl’s father. He wants to send her off to the nearest convent where she will be safe. But meanwhile, the vampire and the girl will fall in love, only he will not tell her what he is or that he knows her father is still alive. Somehow there will be a plausible scenario for them to meet, court and eventually want to marry, to the dismay and disapproval of the father.  There will be some elusive cure for Vampirism that the old mentor has been seeking, and he’ll find it and and regain his mortal soul or something. I’m not quite sure how I would make him mortal again. So, as a mortal he and the girl will marry and be on the road to happily ever after, then something will happen and it will depend on the historical context of the story’s setting who the big, bad evil will be. Maybe it will have something to do with the elusive cure that he was seeking? Not sure. But something bad will come. He will be killed and young Carolina will have been injured and left to die.  Only her father was witness to this and so he rushes in and nurses her back to health. I thought maybe he saves his mentor and turns him back to a vampire, but now maybe he ends up dying. Not sure, because all sorts of ideas are running through my mind and am I really coming up with a plausible story? Guh.

Her father will then send her off to the carmelite monastery where he knows she’ll be safe. In time she’ll give birth to a son, whom could be either rather normal or maybe rather extraordinary, not sure.  I don’t know what will happen to the little boy after he’s born. I see the mother giving him up and becoming a nun. I’d need to find a way for the boy to close up close to the monastery or in the monastery somehow but not really knowing his mother till after it’s plundered and she’s killed. She’ll have rushed him off to safety somehow. His grandfather and father (if I don’t kill him off) will rescue him and tell him the young nun who saved his life had been his mother.

So then a decision about the boy must be made. I don’t know what will happen to him, if he will grow on and lead a rather normal life or something really interesting might happen to him. Will he be some kind of hunter? Will his family live into the future, because obviously this story will move into the future (or present day) and what kind of plot will there be in the present day.

I know the Carmelite stuff came about because I’m still reading the autobiography of St. Teresa of Avila. Funny thing was the two male vampires were very much like Andrew and Tomas from my other novel. So maybe one is a Spaniard and the other a Bohemian. Heh.

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