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Oh man… Fr. Cutié… is quite a cutie. I’m not making fun of his alleged scandal, it’s actually quite sad, but with a name like that and a look like that… wow… thud… duh…

Apparently he’s a popular priest in Florida and has been seen in photographs in compromising positions. I really hope it’s not true and that they’ve just been photoshopped with malicious intent. Though, cynical and jaded as I am, they’re probably real and that’s sad.

Of course, as I’m reading this story I get to thinking. You know me and thinking, it’s always a dangerous thing. Perhaps he looks a bit like Andrew? And if Andrew is that attractive, then surely someone has made a pass at him a time or two. No wonder Isabel calls herself the keeper of his chastity. 😉

I will have to write his story somewhere down the road because I like that character so much. I still contend he’ll keep his promises of celibacy and chastity. He truly loves being a priest and is actually pretty normal otherwise. In fact, I’ve been working on a scene just after he learns the truth about his real father. He really doesn’t take the news well. With all my characters, I try hard to walk in their shoes, sometimes I think I can do it. He’s been a challenge but that’s what being a writer is all about, taking characters and making them real.

However, in the case of Fr. Cutie or any other priest who breaks his promises, he is human and promises can be broken. It happens all the time. One thing I’d love to know just how many young priests struggle with their promises.

I’ve thought about this as I’ve developed Andrew in my story. He’s a man, he’s straight, which means the church deems him to be desirable for the priesthood, but so many are also gay and have gone so deeply in the closet right now that they fear being outted because they fear being kicked out,  which makes me really sad. It might have been interesting to write him that way but why give him even more angst? having  Isabel for a sister is enough. He really wanted a family but sacrificed it for his vocation. He also promised to be obedient to the bishop and his successors. It makes me wonder which promise priests struggle with more? Obedience and/or Celibacy. I see Andrew struggling more with obedience than celibacy. He knows what he sacrificed and why he did so. It’s not easy and I think as he watches his sister with her family and children, he’ll wonder about what he gave up.

Had he joined a religious order, he would have made vows instead, which would have been chastity, obedience and poverty. The Jesuits make a vow of allegiance to the pope in addition to the other three.

Anyway, just thinking aloud, again.

I’m going to post more reflections on my Non-Sparkly Vampire Story. Guh, the Twillight Vampires sparkle.

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