About Me… The Mad Writer

(This was actually a post I made when I first started this journal.)

Well, when I’m not online, I’d like to think I’m a quite talented fiction writer and when I’m working on my fiction, I’d like to believe I’m creating the Great American Novel. Maybe I’m just fooling myself, but I really do enjoy writing and have always wanted it to be my profession. The one thing I’ve always done since early childhood is make up stories. Many only existed in my head, but when I was about 14, I started putting some of those thoughts on paper. I’d sit in my classes in school, while taking notes on one page, underneath, I’d be writing. The stories I wrote in high school are filed away somewhere, all written in longhand, but then, I got my first type writer and it was amazing hearing my fingers hit the keyboard as I was creating something, most definitely drivel, but I was writing and I loved it.

I grew up in a place with hundreds of years of history, culture and – to draw upon for my fiction. Santa Fe beams with sunshine and enchantment. (Gosh that sounds cliche.) Still, my hometown tends to be the settings of my stories or where my characters are from. I am tied to my hometown, just as my characters are and it’s quite obvious from my fiction. Needless to say, my characters are strongly New Mexican, who are quite proud of where they come from, some tend to have more wanderlust than others and have many facets of my own personality.

Of course, this is about me. When I’m not sitting madly at my computer obsessing about my stories, I work in real estate. I keep saying that I’m going to work my way back to journalism, I just haven’t made the phone call to the newspaper editor to get the ball rolling. I will do it tomorrow. Or manana as they say ’round here. I am an only child, so all my characters have siblings, go figure. I have older parents and feel a need to stay close to home. I have no significant other, but wouldn’t be adverse to settling down with a nice guy, having a couple of dogs and at least one kid. I am also perfectly content in having the dogs and kid first. Who knows… it could be a fabulous plot to a story. Maybe I won’t have to write it. Anyway, I hope that story never goes unfinished.

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