Working Through the Details

While doing some minor story research for my failing attempt to do this year’s NaNoWriMo story, I stumbled upon this article from a Cuban American writer who was a Shabbos Goy back in his youth for the Jewish families in his Brooklyn neighborhood. It was a really sweet article and definitely worth a read. I don’t know where I first heart about “The Shabbos Goy” if it was something I read or someone mentioned, but it was nice to read someone’s personal account.

I know a lot about Judaism, but like a lot of things, I know enough to get me into trouble. For this story I’m working on my characters are half-Jewish, raised by mostly secular Jewish father and a Jewish mother by conversion who was raised Catholic and converted before she met the father. The characters are actually part of my fictional universe and are cousins to my other characters in my other stories. They’re the children of the second oldest daughter on my story-family tree. I really think will turn out to be a really interesting character in the end. I’m really just fleshing them out, trying to figure out who they are and I have a loose plot brewing in my head, which will incorporate a lot of the family history that I know, but haven’t written or compiled for this particular story. While I don’t think religion is going to play into the story much, I do need to look up spellings and definitions of terms and words for the story. I need to make the characters as real as possible and I need to explore what life would be like growing up in their family.

Being curious by nature, I follow links everywhere around the Internet. Maybe one day I will actually stay on a website long enough to learn something. Or better yet, get off the Internet and read something!

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