A Mission Statement… Perhaps?

I’m going to see if I can get a bit of action going on in here.  I have all these thoughts and ideas about my novel(s) and I never seem to jot them down.  Quite honestly, this is a place for me to write about my writing. I am not trying to write for an audience, though if someone happens to pop on by and reads what I write in this journal, that’s fine with me.

The thoughts I put in here at this point might only make sense to me, unless you’ve heard me ramble on and on about my stories, my characters, my plots or lack of plots.  If I’m ever going to figure out where these stories are going, who these characters are, it might help to work it out in here.  Story spoilers will probably be given.

The glimpse into who I am personally will probably not be found on this site. Though, I’m generally pretty transparent in my writing. I don’t think my female characters are Mary Sues, but I have put a lot of my personality and soul into my characters. One reader has seen me in Isabel. I think she’s more of an idealized me, so maybe she’s a Mary Sue of sorts. Lena is really more me, except I’m much more fearful than she is. But we look alike– ok she has a better body and she does go to the gym faithfully– but height, eye-color, she’s a real red head– skin color and body type we’re alike. We have the same bad personality flaws when it comes to picking out men and she’s creative like me. We let our thoughts get carried away.

Isabel is very different physically than me.  Like me she’s fearful and she quits things before they get hard. Uh, hello… I’ve done that. She’s blond, tall and strong. She’s built like a shorter Maria Sharapova.

Now, if only Andrew would shut up, perhaps I just might finish his sister’s and his cousin’s stories. Still, figuring out who Andrew is has me intrigued, so much to the point that I may just have to write my next story about him. Still, it would be challenging to test my mettle as a writer writing something though the persepective of a youngish, incredibly smart, celibate Catholic priest.  I almost feel like I have to write his story to prove to the world that there are men who wear a Roman Collar who are just like him. That there is no scandal, no controversy and no angst. Though, there is definite angst in Andrew’s life, but it’s not over his vocation. He will never abandon the priesthood, he won’t have a crisis of faith nor ever feel like he made a mistake. Of course, he’ll wonder what life might have been like had he done things differently. He’ll feel jealous of Isabel’s life every now and then, he’ll wonder what it is like to be a father sometimes. He’s human and still  has emotions, feelings and desires,  but no matter what he’ll love his life. That’s what I want to show with him.  Not very exciting I know.

In fact, on one of my writer’s list, there is a great discussion going on about the state of Catholic fiction and Catholic Writers. I never saw myself as a Catholic Writer or my fiction to be particularly Catholic. I just thought I happened to be a writer who was Catholic and had characters who were Catholic of some degree or another…but as I reflected in an earlier post, I think that’s changed. Anyway the gist of the discussion on the list is the market for Catholic fiction. Is there one in the mainstream market? I haven’t been reading a lot of fiction lately, and what I buy varies, so I really don’t know. Yet, no matter what happens when I finish my stories, they might be so severely limited in access that they may not be publishable anyway. Or maybe there is a whole genre of Hispanic/Catholic fiction out there and is looking for work just like mine, 😉

Who knows.

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