On What to Write

I have been reading NANO forums, sometimes I shake my head wondering why, but I still have no idea for a story or if I’m actually going to write a story for the National Novel Writing Month. There are stories rattling around in my head and the thought of writing something new and different appeals to me right now. I’ve just been stuck in a funk and not able to write anything.

I could do something based on my vampire dream of a few months back. Yes, that is a genre that I think is getting so cliche and overdone, but I don’t want to reinvent the wheel, so I think I could write a decent story that fits within the norms of the genre and doesn’t try to recreate it. I haven’t read the Twilight books. I don’t intend to.  I am watching the Vampire Diaries (I am waiting for the True Blood DVD’s I’ve been promised) but I only watch VD because it comes on before Supernatural, which is the only show I really watch these days.

I’d also rather write about Vampries than Angels or Demons any day. Some of what bugs me about Supernatural these days is the Angel component of the storyline. Of course, I have pretty set beliefs about angels and I think that’s why I won’t write about them, but they are not touchy-feely, new agey beings like we’ve seen on TV.  I guess when I write about religion in my stories or have religious elements in them, I want them  to be real. Maybe that’s why writing about other supernatural beings is more appealing, because there is more leeway in the mythology. I also am not a Christian writer per se. I use religion as a backdrop or characteristic to my stories, but I’m definitely not trying to preach or convert anyone to Catholicism in my stories. I just happen to have a few characters who are exploring their faith right now but that is not the theme of the story. In fact, the character’s religion, is one of the biggest conflicts of the story.

So with that… I’m not sure what to write about. If only I had a thought hit me like now.

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