Isabel’s Catholicism

Just some thoughts that came to me in the shower. Yep, I often find myself inspired in the shower. Or lying in bed either after waking up or before falling asleep at night. Some of this will reflect my own thoughts and experiences but I think I’m trying to portray her as being very naive about her religion, when she should know more.

She’s a product of 16 years of Catholic education (I only had 6 years) elementary, high school, and college. For her not to know missing Mass on Sundays is a mortal sin now seems absurd. I don’t think it’s something she would have forgotten and surely she would have been told that it was a mortal sin. If her family produced a priest, surely she should know more.  This is a character who understands and beleives in transubstantiantion and that’s why she only receives Communion twice in the story, from Andrew at his ordination and one other time, again from Andrew.

So, I’m having trouble with her lack of understanding of the faith, so then… I need to come up with a better reason why she’s lapsed. She believes, there will be no question of that, maybe it’s that she thinks she doesn’t need it. That’s where I was. I clearly wasn’t as educated in the faith though. My upbringing was far different from hers. She grew up in a very practicing home, she grew up around priests being invited to dinner and participated in the traditions and rituals of the church. I guess she just grew away from it.

I’m still thinking about this. Must come back to this later.

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