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So, I lost my family tree. I have it on paper but I don’t know where my writing notebooks are. I think they’re in my other computer bag. I’ll look later.

The writing is eeking along. I’ve done a revision of the first part of “Under a Milky Way” and am working on either its sequel or part two, depending on how it comes out. It could easily be a sequel or the second half of an epicly long novel.

I’ve been focusing a lot of time on “Andrew”. I’m finding it very interesting and challenging to write from his POV. I have a draft of a story focused on him, told in his voice starting with him at 16 and probably working through to the present day. I’m not sure. I’ve often thought it might be interesting to write my story from his POV and Isabel’s.  I really don’t need to pick up another character to write about right now. I have another story in my head right now. It could be an interesting story but I’m hesitant to start writing anything new.  I’ve started it, but I don’t have much fleshed out. It will be interesting if I actually set pen to paper or fingers to keys.

Honestly, I don’t know what else to post in this blog.

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