Alternate Universes

Had a weird dream last night. It involved my characters and so that’s the reason I’m posting it here.

I’ll analyze it later.

I had another weird dream. As I was telling Connie a while ago, I think maybe I shouldn’t take Zantac. Could I be having Zantac-induced weird dreams. Anyway, I’m posting this here because it involved my characters and I’ve spammed my LJ enough to day with silly stuff.

This is what I dreamed:

So last night, I had another strange dream. This was about Isabel. Only this time she was jumping around through alternate universes and finally found herself back in a universe that was pretty much the same as her own reality. As She got familiar with her surroundings she started to notice that things were different. Her children’s names were same, but her name in this world was different. She knew both sets of parents, and had grown up with her real father and step father, she had the same husband and children ,the pets were the same but the solid black dog had white spots. She could not find Andrew anywhere which made her panic. She walked around the yard looking for him. She was desperate and scared not to find him. Finally he came to her and told her why that he didn’t exist in this world. He died when they were 10 of an asthma attack. She didn’t have asthma in this universe, he did. This devastated her she was not happy to he in a world without her twin. He explained that this was the only way this could be because she’d been jumping through universes for a long time and now this was how she could have her life back. He told her in time that she would forget her old life and remember just this world, which made her sad became now this world turned out was really sad. Though, her maternal grandparents were still living, Fr. Patrick had been defrocked for some awful reason.

Then he told her he had to go. He, dressed in his clericals, offered her his blessing one last time. He said she’d only remember this moment for just a little while longer. She couldn’t accept that. She touched him and then he was gone. She immediately wanted to go to church. The others laughed saying no one in the family had been to church since her brother’s funeral when he was 10. She was upset, horrified to learn she hadn’t been married in a church and that her children weren’t baptized. She set off for the church and that was it. I woke up.

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