"You can discover more about a person in an hour of play

than in a year of conversation."  ---Plato



First of all, a tiny little blurb.  I've been on the net about three years and in that short   period of time, I've discovered a whole wide world that I didn't know was out there.  I discovered the world is getting smaller and smaller because of technology and I've made some wonderful online and real life friendships.

Frame your mind to mirth and merriment,

Which bars a thousand harms and lengthens life.  

--- William Shakespeare.



I am now starting a big project--- updating, changing and overhauling my entire website.   

Changes may go slowly.  So check back from time to time to see what's new. 

 My biggest obsession (it's been going on for over four years) is my enjoyment and love for the TV show Highlander: The Series, a syndicated show many people have never heard about, but it's one of the best on television, IMHO, of course.  When I came online nearly four years ago, I found myself searching out information about this show I had watched periodically, but I never realized so many others shared my interest in this show. None of my friends watched it, but soon after I got on the 'net, I found others just like me who enjoyed the show as much as I did.   In fact, there is a usenet group for discussing Highlander.  There are many mailing lists, fan clubs, web sites and other fan pages devoted to the show.  In the last six years, the show had been on the air, it has generated a large cult following, much like Star Trek and X-Files fandoms.  

If I hadn't seen this show,  or gotten online, I may never have met many of the people I've had the pleasure to meet in real life.  And it's because of a little syndicated show that this has happened. That's what I mean but it being a small world.  I've attended two Highlander conventions, joined a fan club or two, and hope to enjoy this fandom for a long time to come.   And now I understand why Star Trek conventions are so popular. So... that's what started it all...

Here are just a few Highlander related links.

   There are Fan Clubs galore in Highlander Fandom.  Adrian Paul has PEACE,  Peter Wingfield has the PWFC, Valentine Pelka has the VPFC and Jim Byrnes has a  fan club too.  Stan Kirsch has WWWStanKirschDotCom a site devoted to him.  Check  them out.  


Now, while Highlander was my first fannish adventure, it is the only one which keeps my attention. I confess to being a faithful viewer to a wide variety of shows, but I never miss Buffy: the Vampire Slayer.  I watch Angel because it follows Buffy. I never miss Oz. 

And while I like all these shows for one reason or another, I'm not wrapped up in them like I was with Highlander when it was on the air. 


  These links will take you to my different web pages and  other sites & places I find interesting, starting with my own home page, <eg>.

   My Personal Web Page.   This page is about me, my interests and where I live and has been updated.  Not that a lot in my life has changed, but I redid the page anyway.             

The Cosmic Twin Home Page and Fiction Archive was created when Christine, whom  I've known since college  and call my cosmic twin and I  started writing Highlander Fan Fiction.  There you'll find our many stories we've written based on Highlander: The Series.  Pay us a visit sometime, sign our guest book and read our stories (A shameless plug).

We have published our very first Fanzine. It's devoted to Female Immortals and is now available. And we have started our own Highlander Fiction Discussion List.  Check out both these sites sometime.

  I have an alter ego who dabbles in writing fanfic of her own, and she has her own  fan fiction page. About four years I started writing fan fiction based on Highlander: the Series. I wrote my first piece to resolve a conflict on the show and my first story, First Losses was born. Shortly after that I created an original Immortal character named Pilar Avila because I felt that the female view of Immortality was often overlooked on the show. There were plenty of series characters, but many were just not interesting enough to write about. So I took matters into my own hands and introduced my own character.  Unfortunately, sometimes in fan fiction, original female characters are dismissed as Mary Sues, (characters who are seen wish fulfillment or substitutes for the author's themselves). I have tried hard to break my character from that stereotype. I certainly don't want to be immortal or be my character, Pilar.

You can find her stories, as well as other stories I've written based on Highlander on my alter ego's page,  Mia's Page of Myths.  I have a page with writer's tips for fanfic and original fiction writers. Check it out. 

   Everything We Know About Highlander, which seems to be always under construction, has been updated yet again.  This is Christine's  and my site devoted to Highlander.  I compiled a timeline for Duncan MacLeod from the fourth through sixth seasons, and you can find it here as well as other tidbits and information regarding Highlander.  (Note: There are links to other sites from here relating specifically  to Highlander.)

  My good friend, Christine, has been quite proficient as a fanfic author.  She has written stories based on Highlander both slash and gen.  And she's now writing into fiction based on  The Sentinel, Homicide: Life on the Streets and Oz. Look for the Mira Chronicles and other stories at Christine's Chronicles.  Her slash, home to the Immortal Beloved Series is found on The Green Couch Zone, and her work is on Legal Briefs.  She also created an index page, and you can find that at Huckleberry Cove.

Wanna send someone some virtual flowers? Try Shawna's Virtual Flower Shop.  How about sending someone a cyber postcard.  My cyber pal, Connie, has cards with X-Files and Highlander Motifs.   Try Connie's Card Shop when you want to send the very best!    Also, with a Highlander Motif you can visit, Post Cards From the Edge. BE WARNED, she does have ADULT THEMED CARDS, so don't yell at me when you find them and they aren't your cup of tea. I told you....  Oh, and this card shop is absolutely wonderful, check out Blue Mountain Cards sometime.

And did you ever wonder the meaning of your first name?  This site can tell you what it means. Stay in touch with all your friends online...try out ICQ, a real time chat program.  Or try AOL's Instant Messenger at AOL.COM

Can't start the day without knowing your Horoscope... go here.   Or if you're like me, you have to have a Diet Coke first.

If you're looking for something on the net, try one of these search engines Yahoo or Alta Vista.   My favorite search engines are actually, Northern Light and Ask Jeeves, though. And  Download.Com is a great place to search for all kinds of software and things to jazz up your computer.

Lastly,  here are a few links to help you learn about web page design,  some how to create your own site and places to find graphics.  Web Diner  ||  Clip Art Searcher ||  Kelly's Graphics ||  Moyra's Web Jewels ||  Paint Pro Shop  ||





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