Welcome to Cosmic Ink Dot Net my home on the Internet. I've finally done an update. I'm still working on creating other parts of this website, but it's going to happen. Someday. 


Chapter One. All About Me.  My Personal Web Page.

Chapter Two. My Musings on Life.

Chapter Three: My Life in Words. My Original Fiction. 

Chapter Four: My Life in Words Part Two.  My Highlander Fanfiction Page. 

Chapter Five. My Life in Fandom.  Note: A lot of these links are dead and I'll have to update them. 

Chapter Six.   My Life in Art. Web Graphics. 

Chapter Seven.  Iconography. Journal Icons and the like. 

Chapter Eight.  A Little of This and That. (Pictures, media files, etc.) 







Icon Bar Generator.  Fun site that allows you to take your one pictures to create a favicon. 




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